Six Weeks To A Better Financial You

Money matters don’t need to be unmanageable or headache inducing. Most of us are time poor, in that we have demanding lives, careers and families that take up most of our time. There is little desire or time to spare worrying about personal finances. Yet here we are again talking about money and how to take the guess work and worry out of your personal finances. It’s easier than most people think.

Most of us want to get more out of our life and money but may not know where to start.  It can be daunting.  Confidence comes from knowing where you are going in life, having good money habits and being in control of your destination.  In order to focus on the bigger picture and what really matters to you the best and easiest way is to get your personal finances on track to achieve a monthly routine.  It’s no different then having a daily and weekly routine for yourself.  

Keep your life moving in the direction you want supported by a good plan will keep you focused on achieving your personal and financial goals!  Live your best life today. Here’s how to change your life in 6 Weeks by following The Money Do List.

Tackle one Money Do List item every week for the next 6 weeks.  You will feel empowered, in control of your life worry less and increase your financial security. It’s that easy. Focus on your weekly accomplishments and highlight what’s been done. Surely this could have been called an Accomplishment List instead…a Money Do List will keep us focused and on track to a betterment in just 6 weeks.

Take the challenge and make the Money Do List work for you.  Tick the box because it’s easy as 1, 2, 3…

  • Set 2-3 Personal Goals. Map out your future by defining a series of short term personal goals.  Create an action plan for success that includes a timeline and mini steps to get your to where you want to go. Spend money on goal related pursuits and you will reach your goals faster.
  • Create a Spending Plan. Do you know where you money goes or do you follow the pattern of money in/money out? Time to empower yourself by creating a spending plan. Time today, to spend mindfully and be in charge of your future.    
  • Reduce Debt.  Over spending is easy to do, but carrying larger amounts of debt and paying too much interest could be weighing you down. Pay down any non-mortgage debt you have to simplify the payables. A debt consolidation loan is one option to address high credit card debt. Reducing debt will put you in control of your finances and address your spending plan.
  • Consolidate Your Accounts. Do you really need 3+ credit cards in your wallet? Keeping track of balances and transactions may be too much for you. Consolidating your accounts will keep your spending plan in focus.  
  • Put your Savings & Bills on Auto Pilot. Set up automatic bill payments and automate a savings plan. We all know it, but saving money each month is saving for the future. Just know, savings are what you pay yourself, and if you want to secure your golden years and worry less, then pay yourself first. Set it and forget it.
  • Review & Update Your Policies. Make time to read and review your coverage on all policies (home, life, auto) so there are no surprises. Disability benefits have changed- do you know your coverage? Comparison shopping can be done each year, even if you are happy with your insurer. Do you have a will? Have your family circumstances changed? Policies are not just about price, but about getting what you need. It’s time to ensure you are covered.

And, don’t forget to tick the box.  You will feel more in control of your life and your money.  Your confidence and emotional well-being will take a boost too.  

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