Consulting Services in North America

My background in financial services and business is extensive. I work directly with individuals and corporate clients.

My work with individuals focuses on money coaching and increasing financial literacy.

My assignments with corporate clients may include: wealth management strategies, advisor resources and tools, program management, segment strategies, social media, content and marketing research.

I have been privileged to work with and for many tier one banks in Canada.  Most recently, I have worked with clients such as Tangerine Bank, BankPurely, Protective Life and Neyber.

Client and General Comments:

“Great interview, very informative and interesting. (Can Money Buy You Happiness)” – Todd Venoitte News 889, Halifax

“Anita is very skilled at taking what can be an intimidating topic: Personal Financial Planning, and discussing it in a way that makes it applicable and achievable to listeners. She understands the reality that women in particular face as they manage their (and often their family’s) current needs, while planning for the future. She leaves her listeners with a sense of empowerment and advice that they can implement no matter what their current financial situation.” – Katherine Jones, Aramark Canada Ltd.

“Speaker demonstrated good presentation skills, style and caring approach.” – RBC Dominion Securities workshop participant

“The speaker was very motivated and engaged in the material, and obviously very knowledgeable.” – RBC Dominion Securities workshop participant

“I found it helpful and educational, and well presented.” – RBC Dominion Securities workshop participant

“Great presenter- next step presentation would be helpful” – City of Calgary workshop participant

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for Anita. I trust her completely. Each time we meet I know I am on track to reach my goals.” – Coaching Client, Vancouver, Canada

“I rate this book a 5 because it reminded me of the little things I can do to for ME! This book is interesting, and filled with examples and actual situations that people have been in. I plan on making this my Birthday present this year for all my close girl friends. They will love it!” – Lori Dyson, USA

“Many families feel the strain of bad financial habits. Anita presents unique insight on the link between financial well-being, and the well-being of our relationships with family, friends, and our own selves. Her book sheds light on a clear path for people to come out of their financial rut to embrace a new consciousness when it comes to their finances.” – Scarlet Paolicchi, Founder of Family Focus Blog