Food For Thought

Welcome to Anita Saulite’s old stone farmhouse where you will discover secrets for finding greater joy, balance and fulfillment in your life. In the comfort of her kitchen, Anita shares her step-by-step ‘recipe’ for cooking up a Life Plan created from what really matters most in your relationships, everyday life and personal wellness. Learn how to demystify your money and use it as a simple and essential tool, like a cast iron skillet in the kitchen, in creating our financial well being. Gather around the table and share engaging stories and evocative questions with women just like you as you turn the heat up on your goals. Anita’s ‘menu’ for a happy, healthy life will nourish you for a lifetime. Come celebrate that you can have your cake and eat it too!

Praise for Food For Thought

“Food and finances – not exactly a pairing that comes immediately to mind, but Anita chose the relationship well! Most people relate food with enjoyment but finances don’t usually receive the same accord. Thanks to Anita – she has linked them together delightfully. She uses cooking metaphors to inform, inspire and entertain. While intended for women, men may wish to pay close attention. Filled with practical tips for making the most of your life and your personal finances.” – Ian R. Whiting, CFP, Senior Editor for Money Magazine

“Anita offers lots of valuable Food for Thought to take you beyond the basics of financial planning to what really matters: life planning. She guides you on how to use money to enhance what is most important in your life.” – Talbot Stevens, Speaker and Author of The Smart Debt Coach

The Savvy Money Gal

Are money worries holding you back from living the life you want?

The Savvy Money Gal is the only book you will need to get you moving faster on the road to financial success. It will teach you new life changing skills and how to engage in mindful and informed decision making resulting in better financial outcomes.

The book is highly interactive and engages readers by offering exercises, quizzes, and activities to reinforce learning and to encourage new behaviours in a simple and easy to ready format.

The Savvy Money Gal seeks to help you overcome barriers that may be holding you back from getting more out of your life and money; dispel myths about money & happiness; demonstrate how goals provide clarity and direction in life; how to distinguish between emotional and financial relationships; how to overcome conscious and/or unconscious biases; and live better today!

Learn how to create a budget using our free budget planner and manage money more wisely. Learn new life-changing skills one step at a time. Create the lifestyle you want and reach your life goals sooner. Find the power of clarity, competence, and control and live the life you choose with your enhanced skills and confidence. Greater financial success is just around the corner.

Praise for Savvy Money

“In today’s world of financial uncertainty, overspending, and mounting debt, many women are grasping in the dark for ways to better manage their money. Addressing head-on the challenges women face when it comes to their finances, Anita offers a step-by-step guide to take back the reins of control when it comes to money management and financial empowerment. She shows how healthy money habits can be truly life-changing for women everywhere.” – Canadian Women’s Foundation

“I selected this book to test my personal financial savvy and continue my journey of lifelong learning, Savvy Money Gal provided a refreshing perspective not shared in my undergrad or MBA programs; this book provides life strategies focused on personal finances that apply to all aspects of living an authentic life. Definitely worth the investment, especially if you take the time to self-reflect when prompted by the author.” – Ali Christie-Hanlon

“Many families feel the strain of bad financial habits. Anita presents unique insight on the link between financial well-being, and the well-being of our relationships with family, friends, and our own selves. Her book sheds light on a clear path for people to come out of their financial rut to embrace a new consciousness when it comes to their finances.” – Scarlet Paolicchi, Founder of Family Focus Blog

“Our relationship with money is one of the strongest life metaphors that reflects our frozen beliefs about ourselves and our capacities. In this book, Anita aims to de-clutter our mind of negative attitudes we have towards money, to become more mindful of money decisions, and to use money effectively to achieve personal goals. Through Anita’s advice on healthy financial decision making, she illuminates the bigger picture of attaining both financial and personal empowerment.” – Catherine Comuzzi, Ed.D Cg Psychology, Psychotherapist and Master Coach Trainer

“This book is fabulous for women. As a university graduate starting out in the world this book was incredibly helpful. They don’t offer or teach the lessons offered in this book in school. For young women like myself this book really set a foundation for the development of habits for living a financially independent & happy life. I would highly recommend it.” – Kysta Landry

“Money matters do not have to be unmanageable, intimidating, or headache inducing. In her book, Anita uses her expertise to help readers break their bad money habits, and gain clarity and confidence when it comes to making the right money choices.” – Pattie Lovett-Reid, CTV Chief Financial Commentator